Academic Achievements at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

Name Class Rank
Academic Year
2007-2008 :
Ms. Poorva Gandhi  1st  B.P.Th Second
Academic Year
2008-2009 :
Ms. Aishwarya Kamat 1st  B.P.Th First
 Ms. Sayali Pimpude 1st  B.P.Th Second
Ms. Poorva Gandhi 2nd  B.P.Th First
Academic Year
2009-2010 :
Ms. Humaira Ansari 1st  B.P.Th First
Ms. Vandita Dikey 1st  B.P.Th Third
Ms. Nikita Mathur 1st B.P.Th Fifth
Ms. Aishwarya Kamat 2nd B.P.Th Second
Ms. Poorva Gandhi 3rd B.P.Th Third
Academic Year
2010-2011 :
Neha Bhosale I B.P.Th Second
Kanchan Gode I B.P.Th Third
Humaira Ansari II B.P.Th Fifth
Aishwarya Kamat III B.P.Th Second
Poorva Gandhi IV B.P.Th First
Academic Year
2011-2012 :
Priya Joshi I B.P.Th. Third
Humaira Ansari III B.P.Th. Second
Anisha Ajgaonkar IV B.P.Th. Second
Academic Year
2012-2013 :
Priyanka Paliwal I B.P.Th. Third
Priya Joshi II B.P.Th. Third
Academic Year
2013-2014 :
Ms. Durga Kulkarni I B.P.Th. First
Ms. Radhika Joshi I B.P.Th. Third
Ms. Shriya Joshi II B.P.Th. First
Ms. Priya Joshi III B.P.Th. First
Ms. Mitisha Shah III B.P.Th. Fourth
Academic Year
2014-2015 :
Ms. Neha Pathak I B.P.Th. First
Ms. Shriya Joshi III B.P.Th. Fourth
Ms. Priya Joshi IV B.P.Th. Second
Academic Year
2015-2016 :
Anagha Ajaychandrashekhar I B.P.Th. 1st
Saniya Pradhan I B.P.Th. 3rd
Priyanka Paliwal IV B.P.Th. 3rd
Hiral Soni M.P.Th. (Neurosciences) 2nd
Roma Purohit M.P.Th. (Neurosciences) 3rd

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