Sports and Cultural Achievements

Ms. Radhika Joshi (III B.P.Th.), Ms. Ruta Pandit (I B.P.Th.), Ms. Anisha Nagarkar (III B.P.Th.) and Mr. Sudhanshu Medsikar (I B.P.Th.), participated in the MUHS team for Badminton at events held at Latur.  
Ms. Radhika Joshi and Ms. Ruta Pandit were quarterfinalists at Gwalior, where they represented the University at national level.  
Ms. Radhika Joshi was selected as the captain of the girls' team.  
Mr. Sudhanshu Medsikar was selected as the captain of the boys's team.  
Mr. Yash Pandit (II B.P.Th.), representing MUHS at the All India Inter-University tournaments held at Chandigarh, stood 3rd in 50 m Backstroke, 4th in 50 m Butterfly, 50 m Breaststroke and 100 m Backstroke and 5th in 100 m backstroke and 100 m Butterfly. He also represented the college at events held in Kolhapur.  
Kajol Chopra (II B.P.Th.) played basketball at the state level tournaments and was declared runner-up for the same. She also participated in the intercollegiate events Vedant (a BJMC event) and Sympulse (organised by Symbiosis).  
Devaki Kale (I B.P.Th.) also participated and was part of the runner-up basketball team for intercollegiate events.  
Gayatri Suresh participated in the Isshinryu Karate Nationals and has won one gold and two silver medals in different categories.  
Apart from this, the students also participated in a variety of sports activities organised by the college in the last week of January 2014.  

Co-curricular Activities

Aavishkar :  
  - We had multiple entries under the "Students" category. Ms. Hiral Soni was selected to present her dissertation in the next round.  
Scientifica :  
  - Paper presentations were done by the interns at the inter-state competition.  
Rallies organised  
  - 1. Organ donation.  
  - 2. e-Waste  
Camps organised  
  - 1. World Women's Day, venue: DES.  
  - 2. Ergonomic Health, venue: Seth Tarachand Ramnath Charitable Hospital.  
  - 3. Swastha Sarthi, venue: Shivajinagar, in association with MNGL, Hind Shakti Foundation and FAIPM.  

Sports and Cultural Achievements
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