Extra-curricular activities

Our college festival, “Rhythm”, was celebrated with of zest and gusto. The IV years outdid themselves in creating visually stunning and incredible decorations for the college and the stage.

The organizing batch, the IV years, had set a challenging task for all the students, when they proposed the days the college would follow for a week, prsior to the annual stage gathering. They gave a complete make-over to our Electrotherapy Lab and enthusiastically decked it up with ingenious decorations.

The whole week was celebrated by all the students as they came up with funky outfits, inspired designs and outlandish characters in response to the days set by the organizing batch.

Not resting with shaking the college up, the IV years came up with innovative games, persuading all the students as well as the staff, at trying their hand (and leg) at the different sports. Having already divided the whole student population into different groups, or ‘houses’, for most of the week, the students competed with each other to garner enough points to get their house to win. Students from all the years participated in annual gathering, presenting songs, skits and dances. The interns showcased a completelydifferent aspect of their creativity when they presented a stand-up comedy show.

The whole experience left everyone feeling lively and energetic. No doubt all the students will be waiting with bated breath for the next year’s cultural programme.

Sports and Cultural Achievements
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