SR.NO Name Qualification Designation Experience
1. Dr. Aparna Sadhale (PT) M.P.T (Paeds) Principal and Professor 27 yrs
2. Dr. Snehal Joshi (PT) M.Ph. T. (Neuro) Professor 14 yrs
  Dr. Rajani Pagare(PT) M.Sc. (Physical Therapy in Cardiorespiratory Sciences) Associate Professor 12 yrs
3. Dr. Diptee Bhole (PT) M.P.Th. (Musculoskeletal) Associate Professor 10 yrs
5. Dr. Ambarish Akre (PT) M.P.T. (Musculoskeletal) Associate Professor 9 Yrs
6. Dr. Harshada Sonawane M.Ph.T. (Neurosciences) Associate Professor 8.5 yrs
7. Dr. Atiya Shaikh (PT) M.P.Th. (Neurosciences) Lecturer 8 yrs
8. Dr. Abha Dhupkar (PT) M.P.T. (Community Health) Lecturer 7 yrs
9. Dr. Shreya Dhake (PT) M.P.Th. (Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences) Lecturer 7 yrs
10. Dr. Rima Musale (PT) M.P.Th. (Community Health) Lecturer 6 yrs
  Dr. Namrata Sidhaye (PT) M.P.T. (Orthopaedics and Sports Physiotherapy) Lecturer 4 yr
11. Dr. Aditi Soman (PT) M.P.Th. (Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences) Lecturer 3.5yr

       All the visiting faculty members are dedicated and expert professionals in their chosen field